Bulky Waste Collection

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Getting a property cleared should never be a challenge, with Raward’s team of trained bulky waste collection experts we can have your property completely cleared in a matter of hours. We have tackled some of the most difficult and challenging scenario’s from a variety of properties throughout Northamptonshire and beyond.

We can also have it ready to go back on the market by getting a team of cleaners in to bring it back to it’s true value, offering a total “start to finish” solution. if you are looking for bulky waste collection, contact Raward today.

Benefits of Employing Raward House Clearance Services

You don’t need to lift a finger

Our team will clear your house quicker and more effectively than you can on your own

You don’t need to hire a skip, we can do that if needed, we will take the items from the property and recycle, donate them to charity or re-sell with the value deducted from your cost.

It can be a traumatic time and we can make it a little less stress for you by looking after the experience for you.

If there is any personal items or documents that you would like us to keep, store and deliver to you, just make our assessor aware.

We will clear your property in the most viable, environmentally friendly method possible.

A very competitive pricing range with free quotations.

When and why would I need a House Clearance?

Most people will need a property cleared for different reasons at different times of their lives, the most common requirements for a property clearance are;


Change of Tenancy

Spouse has Vacated

Unreliable Tenants

Moving House

Spring Cleaning and De-cluttering

House Renovations and Extensions

Our Charges

Minimum charge for a collection is £30 inc VAT

If any item is classed as ‘FOUL’ ie soaking wet, covered in feaces etc there is an extra charge for this. Please call office on 07446 707040 to discuss…

Multiple Items in one collection can allow us to discount the price, please get in touch.

Household Items

Divan Bed Base Double £30 inc VAT
Divan Bed Base Single £25 inc VAT
Metal Bed Frame Double £20 inc VAT
Metal Bed Frame Single £15 inc VAT
Wooden Bed Frame Double £25 inc VAT
Wooden Bed Frame Single £20 inc VAT

Super Kingsize Mattress £40 inc VAT
Kingsize Mattress £35 inc VAT
Double Mattress £30 inc VAT
Single Mattress £20 inc VAT

3 seater Sofa £45 inc VAT
3 seater Sofa Recliner £50 inc VAT
2 seater Sofa £35 inc VAT
2 seater Sofa Recliner £40 inc VAT
Armchair £25 inc VAT
Armchair Recliner £30 inc VAT

L Shaped Sofa (normally 5 seater) £75 inc VAT
L Shaped Sofa with Recliner £85 inc VAT

Wardrobe Single Wood £25 inc VAT
Wardrobe Double Wood £35 inc VAT
Wardrobe Treble Wood – Call for Price

Wooden Desk Bedroom £25 inc VAT
Wooden Desk Office £35 inc VAT

Bedside Cabinet £10 inc VAT
Standard set of Bedroom Drawers £20 inc VAT
Tallboy Bedroom Drawers £25 inc VAT

Buffet & Hutch / Large Display Cabinet £50 inc VAT
Sideboard £35 inc VAT

Dining Table & 4 x Chairs Wooden £45 inc VAT
Dining Table & 4 Chairs Metal/Glass £45 inc VAT

Piano (with easy access for removal) £195 inc VAT


Please note we can heavily discount multiple Items within a Scrap Collection from the same property.

Washing Machine £25 inc VAT
Tumble Dryer £25 inc VAT
Cooker £25 inc VAT
Range Cooker £30 inc VAT
Exercise Bike £25 inc VAT
Filing Cabinet £25 inc VAT
Stairlift Collection £60 inc VAT
(For removal from property add £30 for stairlifts)

Garage Door Metal £30 inc VAT
Garage Door Composite Metal/Wood or Metal/Plastic £55 inc VAT

Hazardous Items

Undercounter Fridge, Freezer or Fridge freezer £45 inc VAT
Tall Fridge, Freezer or Fridge freezer £50 inc VAT
Chest Freezer / Fridge £50 inc VAT
American Fridge Freezer £65 inc VAT
Commercial Fridge or Freezer £75 inc VAT

Flatscreen TV upto 42″ £45 inc VAT
Flatscreen TV over 42″ £65 inc VAT
Old Television (Big Back them and very heavy) £45 inc VAT
Computer Monitor £25 inc VAT

Car Tyre – £6.50 inc VAT
Car Tyre inc Steel or Al Wheel £9.00 inc VAT